Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Could it be true?

We had an interesting visitor yesterday at our house. He left a note saying, "Your house is my childhood home. If you ever want to sell, please call me." Hmmm... As you all know, we would love to sell our house. It would be especially nice to sell the house without having to really finish all of the work that needs to be done. Just to knock some money off of the price and get out. This guy is a contractor too, so he would probably rather do the work himself the way he wants it done. So I gave him a call and chatted. He was really nice! He said that before we moved in, the previous owners had an estate sale, so him and his wife got to walk through the house. His wife fell in love with the house. They really want to see it again and are interested in buying it. Of course I'm excited, but I'm realistic too. But even if they don't buy it, it will be fun to learn more about the house, some history, and what changes were made in the house when he lived in it. It will be fun to see his reaction to the parts of the house we changed for the better. So they are supposed to call and find a time to come by. If... they did buy it... it seems like all of my dreams would come true. Sounds corney I know, but to pay off our debt, stay at home with Boo, live simpler, smaller. It would be wonderful!


  1. wow that is amazing... i will say a lil prayer for you hollie. keep me posted on what happens. lOve ya

  2. Keep us updated! That is so neat - sounds like something that happens in the movies.

  3. That is fantastic! Can't wait to hear what happens. Good luck!!


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