Thursday, July 8, 2010

R.I.P Sweet B

Last night our sweet cat B was killed by our neighbor's dog. We had her for 6 years. And I witnessed the cruel event. We were in bed, and I was not quite asleep around 10 pm when I hear all kinds of dog barking outside. Our dogs were upset about something. I looked out the windows until I saw what was going on. In the moonlight I could see a large dog tossing around a bright white small animal. A few seconds later I realize it is my neighbor's German Shepherd killing my cat. I woke Nathan to go out. I called the neighbor to get his dog. I had a tiny shred of hope it wasn't really her. I knew she was dead. I could see her laying in the grass, shining white, not moving. The whole time I saw the dog throwing her around, she was limp. Nathan made it out and put her away. I knew it was her when I saw him crouch down and put his head down. She wasn't torn up or bloody, so he probably killed her quickly. But she didn't deserve that. I know it's the way of animals, and our dogs would have done the same. But I'm sad.

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  1. =( I'm so so sorry Holly, I can't imagine losing my cat, and really cant imagine witnissing it, how horrific and heartbreaking, I'm so sad for you. It's just devistating ~hugs~


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