Sunday, July 18, 2010


We had some visitors yesterday evening, the we might want to buy your house kind of visitors. They had called Friday night while my phone sat in the car all night. I called them back yesterday, and they came to see the house. We did all the cleaning and picking up you can possibly do in 4 hours, and we got the house looking pretty good. They were very nice and really seemed to be in awe of the house. They asked us for our price, which was the same as what we said on the phone. They would ask a few questions that led to them being serious, and then they asked some questions that made me think they weren't serious. Then they said they needed to discuss what they were going to do. So it is definitely possible. It was raining like crazy, so they didn't get to look at the outside and garage very much. So they probably need to come back and see that. It was fun to hear about some history of the house and find out what the original floor plan was. The guy lived here with his parents and they had renters upstairs, which is neat. So we'll see!

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