Sunday, May 30, 2010

No, really, seriosly, pink eye again

Chesley has pink eye again. Three times in a row? Really doesn't seem normal to me. And this time, I got it. Yay. I stole some of his eye drops this morning. The bottle is super tiny. Hopefully it will last through Tuesday when I can get some of my own. I could try and find somewhere open today or tomorrow if I think we will run out. I just don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to see a dr just because it's a holiday. My bills from my ER visit a while back are up to around $800!! And still coming in. That is my portion.

I will try to post a happier post later. I have been up since 6 am with a sad little boy. He is sleeping now. I really need to be cleaning up my house from our dinner party last night, which was awesome. More happy thoughts later.

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