Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Boo walked out of the office last night with froggy shoes in hand. Nathan was in there with him, and I asked Nathan where the shoes were. Nathan said he didn't know. So I guess Boo had them stashed somewhere and found them himself.

We were up at 6 am this morning. Boo was just ready to get up and get out of bed. But I still didn't get to work until 8:05 am. It really takes forever for us to get out of the house. I have to eat breakfast before I go. It takes almost an hour to get to work, and with Boo nursing all night, I am starving by the time I get ready, and I can't wait another hour to get to work and eat. Then we're finally in the car at 7 am, and we leave. I take a drink of coffee, and coffee pours all over me. I wasn't far from home, so I went back to get a clean shirt. But I guess a few minutes here and there adds up to 2 hours to get to work!

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