Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Nathan picked up the Corvette on the side of the road from one of our neighbors. He was so excited to have a new project. He had to order a few parts and work on it a little bit to get it working. But we spent way less money fixing it up than what those things cost. And Boo LOVES it. When he is doing something he LOVES, he is very serious. Very little smiling. Like when he is riding on the lawn mower with paw paw. And of course Boo is way too little for the Corvette. His feet don't even come close to the "gas" pedal. So Nathan walks around with the broomstick on the gas to make it go. It is so cute. I'm disappointed that Chesley is sick again. I feel like he just got better. He has a nasty cold again. I guess that's what comes along with daycare. Every single kid in his class has a runny nasty nose. Every single day. It's horrible. I guess Chesley will join the ranks of being sick every day. It's not so terrible during the day. But nights are really bad. Last night we were up for an hour or more around 2 am. And up 10 times other than that. But he seemed somewhat content, just could not sleep. The night before, up all night crying. So while we are happy with daycare in that Chesley is doing well, I am not happy that he is sick all the time. And he has been running fever off and on. Last night even his little feet were hot with fever. So we probably won't get to do any of the fun stuff we had planned for this weekend. We will try to have fun at home, but I know Chesley would enjoy going to Ethan's birthday party and playing with Mya.

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  1. I know I missed ya'll... but I'd much rather him be better! Hope he is feeling better! Love ya


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