Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dentist trip

The dentist said that Boo's teeth look great, and she is not worried about the chipped tooth. She was very nice, but a little wacky about diet and nutrition. I mentioned that some family members have given Boo soda, and she freaked. I got a long lecture about that. So we are going to try and be stricter about the soda and juice. She does not think that kids need to drink juice at all. It leads to cavities. And kids under 4 have to be sedated under general anethesia to get a filling. That would be terrible. So on Boo's behalf, I am going to go nuts on anybody that gives him soda. And juice will be given only occasionally, not daily. I'm not sure that I think sweets and ice cream are terrible on occasion, but we will try to limit the sweets. He does really like vegetables and crackers, so I don't think he will be missing out on anything. I just think that depriving a child of sweets and cookies could only lead to more problems in the future. But, like the dentist said, the relatives are not the ones who will have to pay for and deal with the dental work.

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