Thursday, April 15, 2010

Change is coming

We all know that my babysitter is pregnant and will require a break from keeping Chesley. I'm really having a hard time making these decisions. It really is very emotional for all of us involved, and each of us has a story. We love Paulina keeping Chesley. Chesley loves it, Mya loves it, I love it. I wish I could let Paulina keep Chesley till she is too tired, then I could take off a few weeks from work, then Paulina could keep him again. But that is not going to work for us. Yesterday I visited a very nice daycare that has an opening for Chesley. So I have to decide tomorrow if I want to put him there. I am really thinking about this 24/7. I have to find an alternate childcare set-up, but it would be nice to let Paulina keep him a few more weeks. But if I pass this up, I may lose the opportunity to put Chesley in this center. It is brand new, clean, large rooms, nice teachers, nice playground. I know that Chesley would enjoy playing and learning. But 11 one year olds together? Very little one-on-one attention for a little boy who is used to getting a lot of attention. I just can't imagine Chesley doing well with group naptime on a mat on the floor. It's just such a major change. I hate this. But I have to do something. I'm going to visit the daycare again tomorrow and spend a little more time in his would-be classroom and make my decision. My alternative is to let Paulina keep him longer and take a spot at whatever daycare has an opening at that time. That just does not seem like the best thing for Chesley. I've visited other centers, and they were nice too, but not as nice and new and clean as this one. Congrats to all of you who made it through my long post. I know it may seem trivial but this is such a major decision for me.


  1. it is a very hard choice hollie.. trust me I know... i remember with all my kids. There are always many PROS and CONS of it. With jen/jac I was home with them for 18 months but then had to find someone to watch the two of them... it was ahard choice to make, but they enjoyed getting to play with all the other kids... then the same thing after i had Ethan... stayed home for awhile with them and then again had the issue of daycare or a person to watch them... they learned a lot of stuff at the daycare and made a lot of friends... but it is a real tough choice but I know You'll make the right one foryou and Chesley! love you

  2. Oh please please check out some family childcares, Im so against centers for a million different reasons. Dont be fooled by nice equipment. Staff turnover rate is high at centers.

  3. I just had to deal with a similar situation. My 1 yr old was in a huge daycare that boasted great teacher coverage for the 12 children they had in a room of his age group. Well, he kept coming home with bumps and scrapes that no one knew how he got them, and I finally had to make the decision to put him in a smaller home daycare where the ratio is one teacher to 5 children. Daycare decisions are the hardest ones to make because essentially you're letting someone else raise your kid while you go to work. Just wish all of us mommies could hit the lotto and tell our bosses to kiss it!!


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