Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This has been Chesley's first week at daycare, and it's going very well for the most part. Monday was SO HARD! He was playing and having fun while I was going over a few things with the teachers. Then I told him goodbye and he realized I was leaving. He wailed and screamed, and it broke my heart into ten million pieces. I called and checked on him a few times, and every time they told me he did not cry for very long, and that he was doing great. He eats his food, and he even takes a good nap. I really thought they were lying to me on the phone, and that they were not checking. But his teachers said he was doing great. It's just hard to believe that the same boy who cries all night does so well at daycare. It's peer pressure! It is always hard to hear your child cry and scream, but Chesley cries at home too if he doesn't get his way. So I know that him crying for me doesn't mean that his whole day is ruined. Last night he cried hard while I was brushing my teeth and drying my hair before bedtime. He was super mad that I was taking a bath and he really wanted to nurse. So I try to take the daycare crying into the big picture. He has cried every day when I leave him, and it feels terrible, but I feel better knowing he will calm down and have a good day soon. I do call and check and make sure.

He has been doing worse at night though. He is super tired and cranky, probably from playing so hard all day. And last week, when he was home sick, he did take a morning nap and afternoon nap. So he is adjusting to trying to stay up all evening. He gets mad when we have to come inside from playing outside. He stands at the back door trying to open the door and cries. Then he ususally goes to sleep ok while he nurses, but he wakes up as soon as I move to put him down and cries. And he woke up about 10 times last night screaming. Maybe some bad dreams. Hopefully things will improve. But at least he is doing well at daycare.

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  1. awww.... He will be ok Hollie. I know its hard.. its still hard when I drop mine off at times and they don't want to be there. But they do have lots of fun and learn alot! I hope he starts sleeping for you! love ya


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