Sunday, September 19, 2010

No mama

These are Chesley's favorite words, as he is saying and screaming them right now and being mean. I am really trying to teach him to be nice. He just doesn't understand why he can't get his way, and he will bite and hit to get what he wants. Full temper tamtrums on the drop of a hat. Oh me! He is also talking much more than it seems like most his age are. He likes to assign possessions, like, mama's shoes, daddy's shoes, Chesley's shoes. He points to each of us, including himself and says our names. He is very particular about what he wears. Sometimes we go through the whole closet and he doesn't want to wear any of his shirts. Right now he is wearing Spider Man pajamas. His cough has been really bad still. Last night, about an hour after falling asleep, he started coughing and really could not catch a breath. He woke up and looked at me with complete panic in his eyes. Finally he got a breath and eventually could breath normally for a little while. So scary. Ok gotta go.

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