Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm still here

I am home this week. We both took vacation to stay home and get some things done on the house. For me, mostly just taking care of Boo and running some errands. We are getting the house painted next week, for which we are excited and nervous. It's really a necessity to get the house listed on the real estate market. We can't afford to get the siding on the house refinished, $12,000. So we are having it scraped where paint is peeling and just painted over. It's killing us to know that we aren't doing what really needs to be done. But we just don't have $12,000. We really don't even have the $5,000 we are spending, but we have to do something here. Nathan is working on replacing a back door. Then we do some landscaping. Then we can list the house. Another scary thought. We are going to try to sell it ourselves. We could pocket some money on the deal if we don't have to pay an agent $12,000-$15,000 (6% of total). Or if no one wants to buy the house for our listed price, we have more room to negotiate on price.

Now the fun part. Boo had a really rough day yesterday. There were good moments, but he was really in a bad mood. He wanted to nurse all day. He fought me to not go to sleep. He hit me, tried to bite me, screamed in my face a lot. I really have a lot of patience. I just don't know why such a hard day. Right now I am up and the boys are sleeping. I hope he has a better day today.

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