Thursday, June 23, 2011


So many things going on and I haven't blogged in forever. Well, I'll just jump in. Chesley had his tonsils removed on Tuesday. He is doing well now. He seems to be acting his normal self today. We had to spend the night in the hospital. His dr thought that would be best. I'm not sure it was really necessary, but if something would have gone wrong, it would be nice to be there. He stayed in the bed and rested for over 24 hours. He woke in the night a lot with some pain, and we got the nurses to bring medicine. Then the dr came at 7 am. He would not let us go home yet since Boo had not eaten the day before. They did not want him to dehydrate. Shorty after, he ate a good bit of cereal and drank some juice, so we went home. Last night he had some pain, but today he seems better.

Work is crazy for me. The past two years at work I have a lot more responsibility and demands on my time. They called me a few times yesterday, and I just could not talk until later in the afternoon. I think they managed to get by without me... barely. Maybe they will appreciate me more...

There is some stress in my family, so please pray for us. My hope is just that everybody can do what they need to do and focus on their children as the most important thing.

I am staying home with Boo again tomorrow and maybe Monday too. I just want to be with him in case he has pain or bleeding. So far so good though.

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