Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keeping little boys inside

It's so hard to make Boo stay inside. But I can tell that he feels better and can breathe better when we stay inside. He just loves to go outside. I'm sure all kids do. And the weather is nice. Yesterday, we went out for a little while. Then we came in, he took a nap, and I got ready to go see some boat races at the local festival. I went to get him ready, and he was burning up! So we got to stay home instead. Watching movies, being lazy. I don't mind being lazy, but I like for Boo to get to do something fun. And we stayed home from church since he is feeling bad. I actually paged the ENT dr, being nervous that he started having fever. The dr was so nice. Calmed me down, told me not to worry unless fever got too high. Dr even called me again this morning to check on Boo. I thought that was very nice.

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