Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spending time with Boo

I love spending extra time with Boo. I don't like the reason for all the extra time... he has been sick, maybe one of the worst sicknesses he has had. Nasty tonsils, strep, bad cough, snot. The works. He was sick all weekend, and by Monday was feeling very bad. We saw the ear, nose, throat doctor, and he was very concerned. Said Boo's throat looked really bad... Not what you want to hear. Gave Boo a shot, antibiotics, and made us come back the next day (yesterday). Yesterday dr said Boo was doing a little better. We go back next week. Dr said that he does not like to remove tonsils until the child is 30 lbs. Boo is 28 lbs. And dr likes child to be close to 3 years old. The main problem is that Boo is allergic to most antibiotics and cannot take the strongest ones. So it takes a long time for him to get better. I hope he will be healed by next week. I have a strong feeling we will be getting tonsils out soon. And we will definitely be seeing the dr a lot. But he is doing better today. He has a hard time breathing at night. We got cough syrup with codeine for the first time and that really helped last night. Plan is to go back to work and school tomorrow.

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