Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You're special Chesley

That's what we tell him when he is being especially silly or especially bad! I can't believe how much someone not quite two years old can speak and understand, but then he can still have a major tamtrum when I won't let him have a piece of candy at bedtime or when I want to change his diaper. He just has no self control over his emotions. Let's hope it comes with time.

He is really enjoying his toys he got for Christmas.

The funniest thing is the trains. He will insist that me or Nathan "play choo-choo" with him. Then he gets mad when we touch any of the trains! Right now he is in time out for hitting me with a train. He got mad at me for telling him not to throw the trains across the roon. He is screaming "MOMMA!! HOLD YOU!" This afternoon is not looking pleasant.

He repeats everything we say. When he gabbers, I'll say, "What are you talking about?" And then he repeats, "What are you talking about Momma?" It is so funny! And this is cute too.
"Chesley, tell me about your birthday."
"I'm having a birthday!"
"How old are you gonna be?"
Sometimes, he'll take it a step further.
"What kind of cake are you gonna have?"
"EMO!" (Elmo)
And sometimes he'll show you a random number of fingers trying to imitate us doing two fingers.

I just can't believe how smart he is. I guess the badness just came along with the smartness. Oh well. He is special!

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