Thursday, December 9, 2010

At home

Yesterday and today me and Boo stayed home. I just have a yucky cold, but it sure does zap my energy away. I know I will probably feel better later today, but right now I just want to stay home. I don't get sick time for being off, but I'm sure we'll make things work out somehow. Boo has been very clingy and lovey and nurses a lot lately. Yesterday we watched movies and napped and nursed all day, like a newborn tiny baby. I do wonder if he does that because I work or if he would be just the same if I stayed home every day.

He had a really rough time the other night. I picked him up from school and he had been crying, not normal for him. That should have been my red flag. Then we went to Walmart. He was cranky the whole time. I held him and pushed the buggy and he cried most of the time. Then when it was time to get in his carseat, he would not. He screamed and cried, "Booby!! I hold you Momma!!" I held him for about 15 minutes, then tried again, same thing. I spanked him and finally got him in his seat after 15 more minutes. He screamed more. We drove through the parking lot, then he started vomiting from crying and sreaming. I wanted to have a nervous breakdown. I had to stop and clean him up. I was very close to calling someone to come and help me. Maybe I should have. But I cleaned him up, held him for a few minutes, then took 15 minutes of forcing him in the carseat. Then we got home and Nathan had to clean up the mess.

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