Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey Y'all

I took a break from the internet, tv, and mostly the radio last week. Our church asked us to have a media black-out. Not because all media is evil, but just to take a break and concentrate on other family and God. I didn't always understand why I couldn't watch one show or listen to the radio, but I did my best to follow the black-out. I did find that I got more house work done and spent more time praying and reading my bible.

We had a fun Halloween. Chesley loved the kids in costumes and candy, of course. It was so fun to watch him go up to kids in costumes and look at them, not quite understanding what they were. He wasn't scared though, just curious.

He has not been sleeping well, and last night was really bad. Maybe it was just the break from the routine, being away from home, too much fun, too much candy. Hopefully tonight we'll get back into the norm and he'll do better.

Oh and for the title of this post, in TX we say "y'all" a lot. And Chesley said it for the first time last night when we were saying goodbye to Nathan's family. I said, "Bye y'all" and Chesley said "Bye y'all". It was so cute. My little TX boy!

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