Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chesley Language

Chesley says so many words! And what I really love is when he has his own way of saying a word. I try to use the real word so that he will learn the word correctly, but it's so cute. So here is some Chesley language:

toothbrush - beepuh
dinosaur - beesuh
blanket (for night night) - nigh nigh
pacifier (paci) - poppy
coffee (which he loves to have in his milk) - toppee

Most words he actually says right though - shoes, shirt, pants, dog, cat. But all dogs names are Tobey (mom's dog). Big dogs, little dogs, stuffed dogs. I might have mentioned that before, but it is so funny. Especially with our two giant dogs. He will talk to one, calling her Tobey, then the same to the other.

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  1. just found your blog! Am following now, & wanted to say I loved this post--my son is 16months, & I'm hoping to blog about his 'baby words' soon too!
    My favorite so far is "hot dog"--which he says as "dahg go" even though he can say the words "hot" & "dog" seperately lol. Babies are great :-)


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